Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Pueblo, CO

If you were injured at work, call our law firm for a free consultation right away.  We will make sure that your Workers’ Compensation Claim is managed properly from the very beginning of the claim.

When an employee is injured on the job, the employer and their insurance company will pay for costs associated with medical bills and any resulting time off of work.  The employer and insurance company must also pay a monetary amount to the injured worker due to any permanent impairment suffered as a result of the workplace injury.

Workers’ Compensation claims can be complex.  From setting the proper Average Weekly Wage (which affects Temporary Disability benefits and even the Permanent Disability award) to the final Permanent Disability award and/or settlement, we will manage every step of the process.  Injured workers can even have their choice of Authorized Treating Physicians if the request is timely made.  Ultimately, injured workers are entitled to Medical Benefits, Temporary Disability Benefits, Permanent Disability Benefits, and even Disfigurement Benefits.  Workers’ Compensation claims are our specialty and we look forward to assisting you in getting the results you deserve.  Schedule your free consult with us today.